New Year’s Knitting Resolutions


Well 2013 was an epic year. So many things were packed into one short year that I can hardly believe it is has come to an end.

I am a maker of resolutions, and most of them are obvious: more yoga and hiking, less junk food and sweets, save money.

I also have some knitting resolutions to share.

1. Finish the Jared Flood Umaro Blanket
I am knitting Jared Flood’s Umaro Blanket in Cascade Ecological held double. It is a lovely project to knit. I’ve had to tear back several times. The pattern is so distinct that even the tiniest error seems to stand out like a neon sign. I confess, this striking pattern is one of the things I love about it!

2. Knit Socks with my 2 skeins of Caterpillar Green Yarns
I gushed about the loveliness of Caterpillar Green Yarn’s cashmere sock yarn a few times, but it sits quietly on the shelf calling to me. I’m thinking a very simple sock knit with a tight stitch – custom fit to my foot/ankle/calf for a long-wearing cashmere sock.

3. “Deal” with the 20+ skeins of Noro Silk Garden
Yup, more than 20 – and i’m probably underestimating. I’ve tried a million projects and ripped back – I love silk garden when I edit out some of the obnoxious turquoise and pinks. I see several new striped scarves in my future – another Jared Flood project.

4. Mittens for Caitlin
I admit failiure. The Hippocampus is kicking my butt. I can do it, but I’m not loving it. The chart is small, the yarns I chose are splity and dark in colour, there are long stretches of one colour or the other at the edges making for challenging tension. I’m about 25% done and I admit it – I GIVE UP. So, back to one of my old favourites – the Fiddlehead Mittens. They are such a classic and a joy to knit. I can’t promise they will be done this winter, but I promise they will be done before next winter.

5. Knit a Cardigan for Myself
There are a few patterns in the running, most likely Caramel. I have yet to knit a cardigan or sweater for myself. I am hard on clothes with lots of spills and stains that I am reluctant to devote so many hours to something that could be so easily damaged. But this will be the year I give it a try!

6. Enjoy the Yarn I have!
I have a great stash and have picked up some delicious treasures at recent events like Vogue Knitting Seattle (Hazel Knits!) and some Sweet Fibre Cashmerino. I have miles of yarn and I need to spend less time in yarn stores spending money and more time enjoying what I already have.

What are your New Year’s Knitting resolutions?

much love always,


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