Road Trip Files: Tolt Yarn and Wool

With a couple of clear days in our calendar, Andy and I decided to make an impromptu road trip down to Seattle. Usually we just go without much of a plan, but this time we were more organized, and I have to say, it made for a fun-packed trip.

On our list for this two-nighter: Tolt Yarn and Wool, Churchmouse Yarns & Tea, Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees (Macklemore was the featured guest!), the Chihuly Glass Museum and Gardens, a bit of retail therapy. We took a new route on the Ferry from Sidney to Anacortes to get down, and travelled the country roads home. It was lovely to see some new parts of Washington State.

In short, the trip was fantastic!

Today I’m going to share with you what I picked up at Tolt Yarn & Wool in Carnation, Washington.


First, let me admit that I left both my heart and a considerable chunk of my paycheck at Tolt

The shop is much-blogged about by others, but I have to apologize.

I was in a yarn-induced coma so I only took one photo- but the shop absolutely exceeded my expectations.


While I was in the shop, I met:

Pretty good luck for just showing up at the shop on a Saturday morning!

Now, I know you just want me to get on with showing you what I bought.

I had made a list in advance with two priorities: Onward and Armonika.

First, I needed about 800 yards of worsted yarn to make Shannon Cook’s Onward. This gorgeous and luxurious shawl is featured in Journey, by two of my favourite designers, Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook.

I knew I wanted a neutral, and something on the cappuccino end of the neutral spectrum. Here is what I ended up bringing home:


This gorgeous kettle-dyed single-ply worsted merino by Malabrigo is labelled “taupe” and is colour 1312-7. The price was fantastic at just $12.00 per skein.

This will be the first thing I wind and get started knitting. Onward has been on my to-knit list since seeing my friend Cate’s beautiful version knit in Quince and Co. Lark.

Now, if you have been to Tolt, I am sure you have noticed this very new, very beautiful yarn.

Yes, I am talking about Yarn on the House by the loveliest Veronika and her brother.

I was fortunate to pick up four skeins of the DK weight, in two different colours. Both have a beach-glass feel to them. A greyish green called “Sea Salt” and a muted taupe called “Hazelnut”.

One of these colours is destined to be the Armonika Cowl, again inspired by Cate.

I just couldn’t abandon the other colour, so I brought it home to a loving home. I’m sure inspiration will strike.


The YOTH Yarn has 10% cashmere and is offered in absolutely gorgeous neutrals and greys. Worth the trip just for this purchase!

I am trying to buy more sweater quantities of yarn instead of 1-2 skeins of pretty things that end up stuck in my stash because I only have enough to make a toque.

I have a million hats and mittens as a result of buying small amounts of yarn.

In that light, I bought 10 of these skeins by Acadia!



This was a big purchase. It is 60% merino, 20% baby alpaca, and 20% silk. This is a lovely camel colour with very subtle flecks of white silk. I don’t have a plan for this just yet, but I may design a shawl for it.

As you can see, I was really loving the neutrals. It was a rainbow of taupe.


And finally, who can resist a new bag, darning needles ,my favourite stitch markers by Fringe Supply,  and a flourescent Mad Tosh unicorn tail. Yup, these all came home with me too.


So, it is a good thing I saved my pennies over the past 6 months or so, cause there goes the yarn budget!


So tell me, what do you think I should make with that “extra” lovely YOTH DK?

much love always,

Summer. xo.

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Files: Tolt Yarn and Wool

  1. Love the web site Miss Summer. You inspire me! Did we ever see the sweater you were doing for yourself a while back? I missed it if you did post it. Love your trip to the States. Andy really is a sweetheart xo

    Renee McFadyen

    Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 20:47:32 +0000 To:


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