The Garden Grows!

Our garden has been in the works for about 2 months, and we are now starting to see changes every day.

This is my first real go of focusing on tomatoes. I have 5-6 plants each a different variety. I notice a tiny little critter in the center of this photo. Any advice?


Strawberries are the best!


My first hot pepper! I am looking forward to making some home-made hot sauces from these fellas.


I am also using this new-to-me technique of burying water bottles that have holes punched in them to deliver water to the roots of plants. You can see it in the photo below and so far, so good. This messy patch is my salad garden with lots of leafy greens as well as sorrel, and green onions.


Training the cucumbers to vine around the base of the tomato planter.


This purple kale is so robust. It just keeps growing and growing.


More kale.


Lovely flowers on the rosemary shrub. I will admit, I use this mostly for our favourite lakehouse cocktail: Bourbon, maple syrup, rosemary, and fresh squeezed lemon.


Spearmint, also for cocktails.


These flowers will be in a dinner salad very soon.



The first sugar snap peas, we will be harvesting a batch this weekend.


How is your garden growing?


much love always,

Summer. xo.

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